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Light Chains

Furnish with decorative light strings in LED for a modern and beautiful home. With strings of lights indoors, you enhance the atmosphere in the room and create that extra cozy factor. Combine with lovely textiles in calm colors for a relaxed feeling.

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Cozy string lights indoors - perfect for children's rooms

String lights come in a variety of sizes, lengths, colors and looks and are perfect in winter to provide a little extra warmth in the dark. A clear favorite has become string lights with balls, which have become very popular for decorating children's rooms. These "balls of light" are available in lots of different colors and lengths, so that you can easily find a string of lights that fits the room in mind. Many of our string lights are also made with LED technology, which makes them child-friendly and perfect for the DIY project. Be creative and test yourself!

Decorate with stylish light strings in LED

One of the more recent additions is the decorative favorites dew drops, which are a neater string of lights in LED. This is both a smart and nice way to decorate, for example, a table. Many people prefer string lights with batteries for this purpose, to avoid drawing electricity to the table. For the party or the conservatory, a classic string of lights with light bulbs is perfect. But here, too, the options have increased - everything from a classic black light loop with clear glass to multi-colored lights with LEDs.

Battery-powered string lights for Christmas

String lights have also become popular to use at Christmas time. The glow from the loops is pleasant and works perfectly as a decoration, while giving a little extra cozy feeling - perfect at Christmas time when darkness falls early in the evening. Light strings are therefore a good complement to the more traditional Christmas lighting in the home. Battery-powered string lights sometimes have a built-in timer that allows them to be set to light up in the evening when it's darkest, and then go out just in time for bedtime. It often becomes very decorative and beautiful to place a string of lights in glass jars or bowls and place them in the window or why not on the table for a nice dinner party.

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