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Frandsen Lighting has designed, produced and marketed lights since 1968. This means that they now have extensive knowledge and expertise in all stages of production. In the past, made small changes in their range once a year. But today is changing the product line continuously. They focus a lot on design and product development and renewal in both lights and shades. It is important for Frandsen to design lamps in beautiful materials, and to ensure that their products signal quality and taste. Customers can easily add their own personal touch on many of the products, such as by selecting the colors of lampshades, etc.

Frandsen Lighting has a clear vision as the basis for their entire product and all of their customer relationships: "It is important to design lamps in beautiful materials and products signals a clear sense of quality, style and taste."

We have a very stable cooperation with Frandsen, you can feel safe when you buy a lamp with us. If misfortune strikes and a product must be claimed and we will of course fully responsible for it and send a replacement as soon as we can. If you are looking for a lamp Frandsen from which we have in our catalog, contact us by email or phone, so we order it home to you!

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